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3rd Annual Water Juggs Boat Parade - July 4th, 2013 
to support the "Chords for Cure" Music Event at the Bangor Waterfront
proceeds to benefit The Lafayette Family Cancer Center

We are partnering with Hamlin's Marina's Pen Bay Explorers Cruising Club 
4th of July decorated boat parade - the theme is "America the Beautiful"

(details below)


  Event Overview  

This year, the Water Juggs Boating Club joins with Chords for Cure and Hamlin's Marina's Pen Bay Explorers Cruising Club to form a combined boating event to raise awareness and money to fight cancer by supporting The Lafayette Family Cancer Center and celebrate Independence Day. 

Boaters from around Penobscot Bay will gather at Hamlin's Marina to form a parade of boats decorated in support of cancer awareness and in the theme of "America the Beautiful" in the spirit of Independence Day.   From there, we'll proceed to the Bangor/Brewer waterfront, timed to arrive for the conclusion of the street parade and perform two "victory laps" along the waterfront; one lap for those who've beat cancer, and another to support those still fighting the battle.

Money will be raised in support of our local world class cancer treatment center, The Lafayette Family Cancer Center, and the boats participating in the 4th of July boat decoration contest will be judged. 

 Event Press Releases - (click to open) 

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           WABI News

 Fund Raising to Fight Cancer

Each boat participating in the cancer fund raiser is asked to donate $100 to the cause.  If you do not have a boat to enter, but would like to support the cause, please join in and sponsor a participating boat to increase that boat's contribution or simply make a general contribution to this new and fun way to raise money to support the fight against cancer.

The Water Juggs Boating Club has reserved 160 feet of space on the Bangor docks for the afternoon, evening and night of July 4th.  Boats participating in the fund raiser with at least $150 in contributions may dock in this reserved space on a first come, first served basis.  To arrange dockage, please contact Carl Ross using the contact information below.  Boats will be rafted three wide with the largest boats next to the dock.  For all boats seeking dockage, please plan to stay until the morning of July 5th.  Any available power or water will be shared with no guarantee of dedicated utilities, so please plan accordingly!
What a great way to see the fireworks display!

To participate, please make a check payable directly to EMHS Foundation, and mail C/O Maine Fuel Polishing, 62 Liberty Drive, Hermon, ME 04401.

Cancer awareness flags are available at a cost of $12 each and will be proudly displayed by most of the boats in the parade.  Checks for flags should be made out to Ted Caruso
, and mailed C/O Maine Equipment and Party Rental, 1179 Hammond St, Bangor, ME 04401.

As an added bonus for your participation and contribution, each boat will receive two tickets to the Chords for Cure music event later in the evening at the Bangor Waterfront !

For corporate or non-boater contributions, please go to and indicate the The Lafayette Family Cancer Center, and note "Chords for Cure" or "Water Juggs Cancer Fund Raiser Boat Parade.

 Pen Bay Explorers Cruising Club - Boat Decorating Contest


The theme is "America the Beautiful" in the spirit of Independence Day.  This year's contest will be judged by WABI's Chief Meteorologist Todd Simcox and Anchor Carolyn Callahan.  There is no entrance fee for Pen Bay Explorers' decorated boat event, however participants are encouraged to support the Water Juggs Cancer Fund Raiser event!

Prizes for the top three boats will be awarded following the parade at Hamlin's Marina.

    1st Place - $1000 gift certificate to Hamlin's Marina !
    2nd Place - Big Mable Tube !
    3rd Place - A set of (Anatomically Correct) Mermaid Bumpers !

Please register by July 3rd with Hamlin's Marina by calling 907-4385, or emailing Theresa Libby at  Also, for further information about the boat decorating contest, please visit Hamlin's Marina's website at

 Time Line

7-10:00 am

    Trailer Boats - Launch boats at Hampden Public Launch Facility, located at Hamlin Marina location.

    Boats already in water – congregate at Hamlin’s Marina.

10:00-11:45 am

    Boater and Participant Social – at Hamlin’s Marina Docks.

    Each boat assigned a lineup number for the parade, based on size.

    Raffle ticket sales for door prizes.

    If not already, register for boat decorating contest.

11:45 am -12:30 pm

    Everyone into the boats and line up.

    Boats will be lined up according to size based on length, shortest to longest, for best visual effect.

12:30 pm SHARP

    Depart Hamlin's Marina for Bangor/Brewer Waterfront for a 1:00 pm arrival.

1:00 – 1:30 pm

    Two victory laps around waterfront to show our support for the fight against cancer and to proudly display our colors.

    Boats encouraged to make as much noise as possible and have plenty of enthusiastic crew on board to help out!

1:30-2:00 pm

    All boats with paid (fund raiser) dockage at Bangor Docks report to dock; see Carl Ross for dockage plan.

2:00 pm

    Gates Open to Chords for Cure Music Event / Sound Check

2:30 pm

    Music - 161 on the Main Stage at Darling's Waterfront Pavilion

3:30 pm
    Music - Eric Green Party on the Main Stage at Darling's Waterfront Pavilion

4:30 pm
    Music - Juicebox on the Main Stage at Darling's Waterfront Pavilion

6:00 pm

    Music - Chris Ross on the Main Stage at Darling's Waterfront Pavilion

7:20 pm

    Music - The Stone Doctors on the Main Stage at Darling's Waterfront Pavilion

9:30 pm

    Bangor Kiwanis Fourth of July Corporation Fireworks Show

 Boater Information

High tide on the 4th is approx. 9:15 am and 9:30 pm.
Low tide on the 4th is approx. 2:50 am and 3:00 pm.

If hailing for service or assistance at the dock, most of the marinas on the Penobscot River monitor VHF Channel 9.

Law enforcement will be present in the river, so please make sure your captain is not under the influence of alcohol or drugs, that all required safety gear is onboard, and that boats are not loaded unsafely past capacity with passengers and gear.

Please remember that marinas are "no wake zones" and that headway speed only is appropriate to avoid causing damage to boats or injury to people on the docks. 


  Please check back for event detail updates!  This webpage is a (living thing) and will be updated right up to the 3rd of July as new information arrives, so please give it a good read right before the event. 


For additional details, contact:  

Ted Caruso                                                                Carl Ross

Maine Equipment and Party Rental                      Maine Fuel Polishing

[207] 944-2401                                                           [207] 735-5621              

 2011 Water Juggs Boat Parade Photos

 2012 Hamlin's Decorated Boat Parade 


 2012 Water Juggs Boat Parade Photos


 2013 Contributor List

Total Funds Raised for 2013 - $2395

Bangor Air - Mark Ogden & Bridgett Fowler - $150

Calais Motor Inn - John Marchese & Kristy Preston-Elsemore - $100

Peter & Laura Neal - $200

Hamlin's Marina - Dan Higgins - Hosted Parade Launch - Thank You!

Lafayette Hotels - Danny & Carla Lafayette - $100

Maine Equipment and Party Rentals - Ted & Suzie Caruso - Provided Tent for Parade Registration - Thank You!

Maine Fuel Polishing - Carl & Sheryl Ross - Paid $162 for Bangor Dockage - Thank You!

Amy Kenney - Provided marketing expertise to "get the word out" - Thank You!

Tate-Fitch, PA - Jeff Fitch - $500

Bill Blood - $100

Tim Madison - $100

Nick Winchester - $100

Steve Sargent - $50

Jim McDougal - $75

Deb & Dave Case - $100

John & Janet Osborne - $150

David Bickford - $150

Randy & Shirley Hocking - $100

Bob Weaver - $250

Reed & Kim McLaughlin - $100

Reggie & Nancy Carter - $20

Beth & Rick Trask - $50

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